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This injury is associated with sudden forceful backwards and forwards movement of head on neck during a road traffic accident. The movement could cause injury to the muscles, ligaments, tendon, the discs and occasional fracture in the neck region. This injury results in stiffness, spasm, instability, head and neck pain. Physiotherapists play major roles during the acute and the long term management of this injury. At Uplands Care Centre, we carry out thorough assessment of our patients in order to help resolve the problems. We are skilled in recognising how this injury affects an individual as well as how to manage it. We offer a physiotherapy treatment approach that helps to restore movement, relieve pain and spasm and prevent complications.

We also provide reports to the third party if our patient requests such reports. We expect our patients to trust our judgement and help us to help them. Specifically, we expect our patient to carry out the exercise programme that we design for them in order to achieve quick recovery.

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