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Chronic pain is described as an on-going pain lasting for more than 6 months. The management of chronic pain is very difficult due to poor understanding of its cause and lack of adequate facilities to help patient live a good quality of life. Chronic pain is associated with muscle weakness, joint stiffness, lack of stamina, and lack of sleep, frustration and poor coping methods. In most cases, this condition does not respond to treatment. The management of this condition requires various health care professionals. Physiotherapy plays major roles in the management of this condition. However, the traditional physiotherapy methods of treating chronic pain have been less successful. At Uplands Care Centre, we have experienced specialist therapists and psychologist to help our patient achieve a good quality of life. Specifically, we work together with our patients to set achievable and realistic goals. One of the goals is aimed at restoring normal body function and activities and prevention of secondary avoidable complications associated with this condition.

Some of our strategies involve exercises to strengthen muscles, restoring joint flexibility, coping strategies, relaxation, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) acupuncture and massage. Our patients play a major role in achieving their goals. We expect our patient to be actively involved in the rehabilitation programme. We also engage and educate the family and friend in the process.

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