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At the end of 2020, it was announced by the head of the NHS that people suffering from Long Covid symptoms would be offered specialist help at different clinics across the country.

Unfortunately, as the pandemic has progressed, Long Covid has become a more prevalent issue, affecting an ever-growing number of people.

A new survey, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), suggested that about one in five people have symptoms of Long Covid five weeks after an initial infection and one in seven after 12 weeks.

The survey also estimated that 1.1 million people were affected in the UK in the four weeks from 6th February, with 20% of people reporting that ongoing symptoms ‘limited their day-to-day activities a lot’.

It is worth noting that the estimates from the ONS report are preliminary, however, the survey of UK households also found that:
● People aged 35 to 49 were most likely to report symptoms, followed by those aged 50 to 69
● Women were more likely to report symptoms persisting for at least five weeks after an initial infection
● Health and social care workers reported the highest rates of long Covid compared with other occupations, possibly because of greater awareness and a higher chance of coronavirus exposure
● People with other pre-existing health conditions that limited their day-to-day activities were more likely to report long Covid symptoms

While there is still no agreed definition of long covid, fatigue continues to be the most common symptom, along with coughs and headaches.

Here at Uplands Rehabilitation Centre, we are still able to provide the necessary treatment, as well as follow-up therapy and support for those that require it.

While research is still ongoing into the full effects of ‘Long Covid’, we are committed to helping people to alleviate the symptoms. This includes:
● Pain medication
● Exercises to help alleviate the pain
● Help with anxiety and fatigue

Patients will be admitted on a case-by-case basis and we are able to accommodate both types of funders (state and private).

If you, or anyone you know is suffering with ‘long covid’ and requires treatment, please do get in touch with us by calling 01702 904803 or emailing us at info@uplandscarecentre.com.