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It was recently announced by the head of the NHS that people suffering from ‘long covid’ symptoms will be offered specialist help at clinics across the country.

Some estimates have suggested that 10% of Covid patients may still be experiencing symptoms more than three weeks after infection, while around 60,000 people could be suffering from long covid symptoms after more than three months.

Uplands Long Covid PPEWith chronic fatigue one of the most experienced symptoms of ‘long covid’ as well as breathlessness, brain fog, anxiety and stress, it appears to be manifesting itself as a brain injury.

As part of the announcement, a five part package of measures was outlined to boost NHS support for long covid patients.

In line with this, here at URC we are able to provide the necessary treatment, as well as follow-up therapy and support.

While much is still unknown about ‘long covid’, we are committed to helping people to alleviate the symptoms. This includes:

  • Pain medication
  • Exercises to help alleviate the pain
  • Help with anxiety and fatigue

Patients will be admitted on a case by case basis and we are able to accommodate both types of funders (state and private). If you, or anyone you know is suffering with ‘long covid’ and requires treatment, please do get in touch.