27/31 Cobham Road
Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex


Our Vision

To work within a set inclusion and exclusion criteria for admission which has been jointly developed and agreed with local commissioners.

Uplands will generally therefore only provide a short term placement for people who have an expected rehabilitation / enablement and / or reablement outcome.

To provide six to eight week short term rehabilitation / enablement and / or reablement programmes within goal orientated parameters with the aim of supporting people to achieve their optimum health level.

Uplands will undertake regular reviews and evaluations of all goals agreed.


Our Values

To ensure the people who undertake a short term programme at Uplands are always treated with respect for their dignity and privacy, are empowered to make their preferences and choices known and supported to take reasonable risks to aid their rehabilitation / enablement and / or reablement.

To ensure the people who undertake a short term programme at Uplands are kept safe. Uplands will ensure that staff are subject to a robust recruitment process and appropriate checks and references are completed.

To encourage improvement in the short stay service provided by Uplands – a robust concerns, comments and complaints procedure will be in place to ensure that all comments, concerns and complaints are received, listened to and acted upon. Information will be in accessible formats.

Wherever possible, Uplands will work in partnership with support services and relatives to ensure the best interests of the people using its services are met.


Our Care

To ensure the people who undertake a short term programme at Uplands are cared for and supported by appropriately qualified and competent staff. Uplands will invest in staff training and development, will provide a robust induction programme that follows the Care Certificate and provide on-going supervision and appraisals to demonstrate staff competency.

Uplands will ensure the people who use its short stay services are listened to through its quality assurance systems and user friendly complaints and feedback procedures in order to inform the planning, development, evaluation and treatment of residents.

To provide the best possible quality care, support and encouragement within the constraints of a person’s condition; ensuring the health and wellbeing of the people using the services provided by Uplands are always promoted and maintained.

To actively promote the equality, diversity and human rights of all people who undertake a short term programme at Uplands, to ensure relevant policies and procedures are in place and their implementation is monitored and reviewed.

To ensure that the care and support provided at Uplands is of the highest quality and meets legislative regulations. Robust quality assurance procedures and systems will be used to monitor the outcomes for people using the services provided by Uplands in order to enable it to develop its services to provide outstanding outcomes for those that use its services.

All short term rehabilitation/enablement and/or reablement programmes to involve a mixture of clinical, therapeutic and environmental interventions (assessed to be required) in order for Uplands to discharge people to then live as independently as possible in their own home or to move into other more suitable accommodation that meets their long term needs.


Core Principles

  • We always treat our clients as adults
  • We adapt our services to suit the needs of our clients
  • We aim to increase independence, confidence and the amount of control clients have over their own lives
  • We always seek to generate independence – not dependence
  • We encourage our clients to become empowered and enabled
  • We allow our clients real choice in decision making